Woodcuts by Charles O'Connor

Daffodils, ca. 1940

Untitled (Owl, tree, and barn), ca. 1940

Bird banks

 Salt fired stoneware bird banks.
I think, they must be Sterling bird banks!
Removable rubber stopper

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Linocuts by the artist Rob Barnes

Fine Weather Lapwings

Rob Barnes' artwork follows themes, such as light 
on water, or shadows in the landscape. His linocuts are 
inspired mainly by the landscape of East Anglia
'Living half a mile from the river Yare in Norfolk, I look out across 
the marshes in one direction and across open fields in the other. There are 
muntjac deer and hares in winter chasing across the fields opposite. As spring 
approaches, there are times when I could almost sell tickets for the display 
of hares chasing and competing. There can be as many as ten in the field 
and they can be surprisingly large. I see them as silhouettes 
against the light and they never stay still for long'
 Rob Barnes' website is here

High Summer

Hunter’s Moon

Starlings and Hares

Artworks by Nick Hunter Woodcarver

Three Hares woodcarving. Carving in English Oak. 
Size 180mm x 180mm

Artworks by Nick Hunter Woodcarver from Sheffield, UK:

'Friends have ganged up on me and persuaded me that it's a bit 
of a waste if my work stays in my workshop in the dark. 
Now I'm getting them 'aired' with the help of Etsy'

 And here is Nick Hunter's Etsy shop:

Carved oak. Another version (smaller) of the three hares. 
110mm in diameter

Old Scotland

A home in the Scottish Highlands. Photographed ca. 1902

 A group of women from the Calton, early 20th century.
These women are wrapped up warm in their shawls. Woolen shawls had
been common outerwear for women in rural areas of Scotland for generations.
They became fashionable among working-class Glasgow women during the mid-late
19th century, as mills in the city and in towns such as Paisley mass-produced
these simple, often colourful garments for sale at relatively low prices

Washing Day on Scalpay in about 1900

Blind Benjie, Finlayson playing his fiddle while his father baits
a line outside their house in Cromarty, ca. 1910

Repairing a thatched roof, Poolewe, 1890

A crofter outside his cottage on Benbecula earily 1900s

...with antlers...

Gorgeous Chinese tapestry. In Chinese symbology the deer
 is known for its endurance, grace, and long life, the deer 
is another Chinese symbol for longevity

from Radically Retro, Etsy

Bronze earrings from the top of the handmade 
sterling ear wires. The backs sport an organic looking 
woodland forest motif, nice and rustic

from Gooseberry Studio, Etsy


Ann Arnold (1936-)

 The Sanctuary

Mistletoe Tree

The Way Out

The Hill in Spring

Platanus bookmark

 Bookmark made of aqua blue linen with printed illustration 
of Platanus tree on black and white. Reinforced with 
a padding layer for extra stiffness

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A garland...

Max Wislicenus (1861-1957): 'Kupio'

Vojtěch Preissig (1873-1944) Spring (front cover)

Jugend, 1903 - Nature Festival by Reinhold Max Eichler

'La Chute d’Icare'

by Odilon Redon (1840-1916)

Adjustable rose gold and silver flower and branch ring

 On one end of this beautiful ring is a hand carved sterling silver leaf. 
 On the opposite end is a sweet little flower of 14K rose gold filled with 
3 small fine silver dots at the center of the flower

Purchase it here: Urban Jule, Etsy

Rudolf Sauter (1895-1977)



Green Hills

Old Spain, 1959

Olga Lehmann (1912-2001)


I found the artworks here:





Agnes - on her way for Easter dinner in Beaconhill

Kerry O'Gorman did it again -  made the sweetest
needle felted artwork; meet Agnes! Wow, I adore her!

Agnes is right on time to catch the #5 to Beaconhill for Easter dinner 
with family and friends. She's packed some treats in her little suitcase for the 
kiddies and she has her sensible shoes and her dogwood flower pin on. 

She can be yurs! Purchase Agnes here:

Agnes is made by working a sharp barbed needle into unspun wool 
thus matting the fibres together. The more the roving is worked the tighter the mat 
and sculpting can begin. After a desired shape is formed, details are added including eyes, 
horsetail whiskers, shoelaces, flower pin, hat, sweater and bag (also needle felted).This takes 
many hours of work by hand. Her little sweater is an upcycled piece knitted by Kerry O'Gorman
Agnes is adhered to a base which is signed and dated by the artist as well as an i.d. tag 
sewn inside her skirt. She is almost 22 cm - or 8.5" tall. Note: This is 
not a toy and not intended for children!

Wanda Hazel Gág (1893–1946)

Fritz Baumgarten: 'Ein Tänzchen im Frühling'

A Spring Dance

Spring purse and bag

 This cute purse is made of natural thick felt.
Zippered. Interlined with cotton. Inside it has 
felt Chicken baby coin purse!

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The Carrot bag is made of synthetic felt.
It has lining with two zippered pockets