The sweetest photos by Elena Shumilova

Russian mom, Elena Shumilova, captures family, farm life in beautiful photos. 
This is her son, Vanya...and one of the family's dogs...

Elena Shumilova's website, flickr and her 500px

Friends come in all shapes and sizes....

Girl with muscovy duck and dog by Boston Public Library

Forest floor purse

 Calming earthy tones make this soft cotton purse a delight. 
With incredible detail in the layers of leaves, the beauty of nature is in your hands!
It lined the inside with a rustic brown striped linen cotton mix. The kisslock clasp 
is in an antique brass finish. Both the external and internal fabrics are double 
stitched for extra strength and durability, and the purse has been lightly 
padded for reinforcement and softness 

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William Lee Hankey (1869-1952)

Portrait of a young French Farmworker

In the Garden

Portrait of a Young Woman

Lèon Etaples, 1923

Amazing Mashrabiya rings

These rings are part of designer and metalsmith Noa Sharon's 
Mashrabiya collection - inspred by the beautiful lace-like and artistic 
architecture of the Arabian Mashrabiya window design; originally made to 
allow the wind and light enter the room without being seen from 
the outside. The rings are designed to be fun and playful;
a ring can be worn alone - as well as they are 
pretty worn together as stacking rings

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Angela Harding: 'Redwing and Rosehips'

Vintage Aluminum bowl with red berries

 Brushed silver/aluminum finish bowl with hand painted red 
berries on vines is a great size for serving or display. Perfect to hold 
a potted plant, display fresh fruit, or store hand towels in 
the powder room. Authentic charming patina.

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Hello again!

Untitled by
Sulamith Wülfing (1901-89)

Hello friends,
Glad to be back! While I was away
I learnt that this autumn is going to be a very busy time for
me...so I better continue to post every other day
as I did it in August...and isn't it amazing
that it is already September?

The End by Sulamith Wülfing (1901-89)
Both illustrations are from the book 'Nature Spirits'

British Lumberjills of WWII

The British 'The Women's Timber Corps', otherwise known as 'Lumberjills'. 
The Lumberjills were a unit of of 'The Women's Land Army' along with 'The Land Girls', 
who are more often used as the iconic image of the 'Women's Home Front'.

Like the many other amazing heroines of their time, the Lumberjills, 
stepped into unconventional britches in order to keep the industry, 
and country, moving while the men were off at war

Cicely Clark is one of 4,900 members of 'The Women's Timber Corps', 
at work in a timber camp in 1942 in Suffolk, UK as part of the war effort

Jean Sheehan, [Women's Timber Corps], chopping a tree

...by the end of the war, the Lumberjills had supplied 60% of 
the timber needed by the industry of the time...

...ready to work...

A member of the Women's Land Army Timber Corps strikes 
a tree with an axe during training at the WLA training camp at Culford, 1943

'The Hunter's Moon' by John T. McCutcheon

'Cabin in the Woods' solid cologne

 This solid cologne of precious absolutes, set in a base of golden local beeswax, 
is a beautiful blend of rare resins and woods, fossilized amber, and dark wildflowers. 
The pure essence of wild Canadian balsam fir is woven through with tobacco leaf, whose 
sweet, rich, and slightly smoky aroma conjures the distant memory of a fine pipe lit in the cool 
 forest air. Spanish immortelle offers an herbaceous, honeyed fragrance with a smoky undertone 
while vintage patchouli (aged 21 years) and ancient amber oil lend a deep essence of earth 
and spice to the total, rounded fragrance. Finally the divine, faintly apricot perfume 
of Indian champaca flower, blossom of temples and sacred spaces, lingers on 
the nose, leaving a lasting impression of warmth, comfort, and shelter as 
evening falls and the woodstove is lit in the quiet cabin in the woods

The cellar holds approximately 8.5 grams of solid perfume.
The raw botanical ingredients are grown with integrity and care, and all 
are purchased from the finest distilleries around the world. Absolutely none 
of the ingredients used in our products are chemically synthesized 
or derived from artificial materials

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Lumberjacks, early 1900s

Moonlit Yurt - handmade stationery

The notes are perfect for writing quick thank you's or just saying hey. 
They make great gifts especially for the camper or outdoor lover in your life. 
They come with 100% recycled kraft envelopes and the card stock 
is premium, 100 lb. (heavy!) 80% post-consumer recycled 

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...from the cabin in the wood...

 Cabin shutters

Out there....

Two women pose behind a log which has fallen across 
the stream in Parfrey's Glen, Wisconsin, 1909

Women at Breitenbush Hot Springs (?),
 Great Willamette Valley, OR, ca. 1900

Three lovely young Edwardian girls (sisters perhaps...) and 
a lad pose in front a rock wall in French Lick Springs, Indiana


See you in 10-12 days....

Ida Bohatta-Morpurgo (1900-92)

I'm going away for a while but hopefully I'll see
you by the end of next week. Hugs from 
Denmark and blackberry country!

Blackberry time, by Dora M Batty, 1927

Barbara C. Freeman Thumbkin's 'Wedding clothes were all ready'

Beatrix Whistler (1857–1896): 'Blackberries', 1877-81

'Brambly Hedge - Autumn Story' cover
by Jill Barklem

'Blackberries' wood engraving by James Dexter Havens, 1949

Fairy Berry Pie

Fairies and berries go together like sunflowers and bumble bees. 
Not only is this pie baked with blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, 
you can bet there’s a little fairy magic mixed in there too!

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Gretel's Oven, Etsy

by Mili Weber (1891-1978)

Suffolk Socks - for happy feet

Lin Carter who makes these wonderful Suffolk Socks writes:

'It was a small local woollen mill in the Highlands of Scotland, Spean Bridge, 
where I saw my first working hand-cranked sock machine. It was used to make simple 
ribbed kilt hose. I was smitten! At long last, I have found my own; a beautiful, 
oringinal, fully-functional 'Golden Fleece Knitting Machine' with three 
cylinders and ribbers. Socks ahoy!'

...and the rest is history..here they are: 
beautiful 'Golden Fleece Knitting Machine' knitted socks!

Purchase the socks here (for ladies and gents as well):
Suffolk Socks, Etsy - for happy feet...