James Dexter Havens (1900-60)

She Veery, 1949

Christmas card, 1955

Hairy, 1951

Untitled [Morning Bird]

Handwoven table runner

This table runner is the finishing touch for your table. You can also use it as 
a stunning wall hanging - it will add warm autumn colour to walls.
It is handwoven with high-quality yarns: linen, hemp,
 cotton; the drawing is in polyester

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Keep warm naturally and feel great in grey

Nice hand felted set of boots and a bag.
Made of the top quality Australian Merino wool of several 
shades of grey colour. The boots are very warm, light-weight and 
comfortable. Soles are made of VIBRAM rubber. The cross-body 
bag has adjustable handle and 1 inner pocket.
You can buy as a set or separately

Purchase the felted boots and bag here:
 Wooli City, Etsy

'Andrew Wyeth and Odd Nerdrum'

by Richard T Scott 

This is painted from an actual photograph of the two great masters
 that Richard T Scott saw in Odd Nerdrum's studio in Norway.

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Wool dryer balls

Dry your laundry in record time using natural wool dryer balls!
The dryer balls bounce around in the wet clothes, absorbing moisture 
and allowing more air to circulate, making your clothes dry faster. 
Static cling is eliminated by the change in electrons 
from the moisture in the dryer balls

Made using 100% virgin wool yarn.
All natural colors, so you don't have to worry about 
colours bleeding. Felted twice for durability

Purchase the wool dryer balls here:

Field of shrooms - vintage postcard

Felted toadstool with acorn cup & saucer

The faeries love freshly drawn dew tea, drunk for its sweet 
taste and magical powers, With so many toadstools in the faerie forest, 
they never need an excuse for a tea party.

This magical toadstool has been lovingly needle felted from colour blended 
Merino wool and sits on a rustic wooden slice. The tiny teacup and saucer has 
been handmade from acorn caps and contains a tiny drop of dew

Purchase this sweet felted one of a kind toadstool 
sculpture here: Jaynes Love Doves, Etsy

Sweet illustration by Mariapia Franzoni


Just want to say: Happy Michaelmas!

James Bolivar Manson: 'Michaelmas Daisies', 1923
A detail of
'The Archangel St Michael', 1456
by Jaume Huguet,  (1412-92)

Illustrated by Arthur Rackham


The last days of the month...see you Tuesday!

Netty van der Waarden, Sepember. 1902

Edith Holden (1871-1920):
'Trush and Rowan berries'

Janis Rozentāls (1866-1916): 'Under the Rowan Tree', 1905

'Portrait of Marcelle Marquet'

by Albert Marquet (1875-1947)

Hand knit brick red brown cowl

Big comfort cowl for her, or for him.
Knitted large with warm, super bulky yarn.
The super bulky yarn weight gives a hefty feel to 
this neck warmer. Simply patterned edges 
add to the rustic look and feel

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Fabric autumn and winter leaves

 These modern fabric branches are the perfect autumn and winter vase filler. 
Buy them for your own home or give as a unique gift. 
No water or sunlight required!

Purchase the branches here:
Jane Joss, Etsy

Wojciech Weiss (1875-1950)

Kiki, Sleepy Dog, ca. 1937

Sadness, 1898

Earrings - porcelain dangle seed pod

Rey hand shaped, imprinted embossed and carved some stoneware 
clay at different stages of the drying process to make these beautiful porcelain 
dangle seed pod. Then she high-fired them in her kiln, decorated them with 
cloth, painted them, polished them...and much more. The silver stems are 
crafted from quality sterling silver hard wire.

from Grey Bird Studio, Etsy


Matthäus Schiestl (1869-1939)

Title unknown

The peaceful home
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The Wren

Mother and child 
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A vintage postcard, 1929

The blue Flower
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The Legend
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Landscape with Church, 1939

 The Pilgrim
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 Foothills of the Alps - girl on a meadow
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József Koszta (1861-1949)

Girl seated on a Meadow


Among Corn, ca. 1917

Before the Storm

On the Hill

...by William (Will) H. Bradley, 1895

The Chap-Book, The Pipes

Vintage Swedish birch bark basket

 I LOVE birch bark! This vintage Swedish birch bark is
from the 1970s - but in excellent vintage condition.

8 cm/3.1" wide and 5.5 cm/2.2" tall

Purchase it here: A Road Through Time, Etsy