Illustration by Chris Dunn

Annie French (1872-1965)

Christmas, 1945


Carol singers 
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The first artificial Christmas trees...

In the 1900s, over-harvesting of evergreens began to alarm conservationists and 1901,
 President Theodore Roosevelt tried to ban Christmas trees from holiday celebrations. Around 
the same time, the first Christmas tree farm was started in New Jersey and the first artificial 
trees appeared in the United States, manufactured by the Addis British Company, makers 
of toilet bowl brushes. In 1950, the aluminum tree was patented

 Christmas tree market - N.Y., between ca. 1910 and ca. 1915

Feather tree spun cotton ornaments

Old advertisement for feather tree 

Vintage Christmas photo with aluminum tree, dolls,
nativity scene with a lot of sheep

Decorated aluminum tree...

Decorating the aluminum Christmas tree, ca, 1950s

Lila the sweet Ferret

Sara Duarte who made this whimsical spun cotton ferret writes:

'I'm so very pleased to introduce 'Lila the sweet Ferret'. She is out for a
 walk in the brisk winter air, along her way she picks foliage for a seasonal bouquet.
So often when I create a new character they become my favorite. Lila's cocked head and 
sweet face make me smile and filled with joy. Lila is the tallest figure I've made to date, at 11" 
 that makes for a lot of spinning. I created Lila by first twisting a wire frame, I then began
 the hand spinning of organic cotton . Next, I painted and brushed her for a soft look and 
feel. I hand knit her a wool scarf ( which took me quite a while, being that I'm not much 
of a knitter.) Lila is holding a vintage millenary holly twig and hoping for a new 
happy home. Soon to come is her weasel friend. This is a one of 
a kind original, signed and dated

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The gnome Liebreng by Piet Marée, 1943


It has snowed...I wish...

From: 'Over and Over', 1957
by Charlotte Zolotow, illustrated by Garth Williams

Paper lampshades

Handpainted winter brooch

 This brooch features a black & white nature scene of glacier-covered 
 mountains through a forest, handpainted by Katie's husband, protected by resin 
over a wood pendant with a pinback closure in back. It measures 50 mm
 in diameter or about 2". Perfect accessory for a nature lover...

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Christmas cards from eBay

Noël - a Bethleem

Found here: eBay 

Les Cadeaux de Noël

Noël - Les Mages

Noël - Les Cloches

Noël - Minuit

L'étoile de Noël

L'arbre de Noël

...soon it is that time of year...

Antiqued and timeless, thes glass ornament are topped with 
beautifully detailed cast-metal deer finials. The set of six is sure 
to offer plenty of rustic Holiday charm to your home

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Christmas Art Nouveau angel with halo and tree

Illustrations by Berta Mayr Nomer

...and winter came and went...

I found the illustrations by Berta Mayr Nomer here


Vintage vogue magazine cover

The balloon man...

George Brassaï (1899-1984):
 'The Balloon Merchant', 1931

1920s book illustration

Arnold Genthe (1869-1942):
'Jewish Balloon Man, Chinatown, San Francisco'

Friedrich Seidenstücker: 'Before Wertheim', 1935
Berlinische Galerie, Museum für Moderne Kunst

'Mother's Three - Air Balls' by Honor C. Appleton

Balloons, Angela, by Harold Cazneaux 1933

Party illustrations by Frances Tipton Hunter

 'Our Patriotic Party July 4'
From 'The Children’s Party Book', by Marion Jane Parker;
 recipes by Helen Harrington Downing, and illustrations by 
Frances Tipton Hunter. Published 1923

'Our St. Patrick's Day Party' - also from 'The Children’s Party Book'

Illustration of a Children's Birthday Party

The red balloon...

by Rie Cramer (1887-1977)

From the film 'The Red Balloon' - made in 1958 by
 Albert Lamorisse and stars his son Pascal Lamorisse
Read about it here

Vintage postcard by Molly Brett

The French mouse 'La Petite Souris' (The little Mouse)
Illustration by Delphine Doreau