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...the dunes...

Isaac Lazarus Israëls (1865-1934):
'Young Woman resting in a Deck Chair on the Dune'

Hugo Köcke: 'Dunes on Sylt'

Max Liebermann (1847-1935): 'Hunter in the Dunes'

Paul Müller-Kaempff: 'Dunes and Sea'

Near the sea...

Sijtje Aafjes from 'Moeders bloemen'

Pixie O'Harris

James Ensor (1860-1949)

Dunes, Sea and Boats, 1923

The Bathing Hut. Afternoon, 29 July, 1876

My sister Marie sleeping in the Dunes

The Sea Shells

The Bathing Machine. Afternoon, 29 July 1876

Collier's magazine covers

 by Sarah Stilwell Weber, 1907

 by Sarah Stilwell Weber, 1911

The dipper Martha Gunn (1726-1815)

Martha Gunn (1726–1815) by British School

Martha Gunn (1726-1815) was possibly the most famous of the dippers, 
certainly the most famous in Brighton. A dipper was the operator of a bathing machine 
used by women bathers. The dipper pushed the machine into and out of the water 
and helped the bather into and out of the water. A dipper had to be large and 
strong to carry out this work and Martha Gunn fulfilled both requirements

 Martha Gunn and the Prince of Wales. Painted by John Russell
 Whilst the exact date of the painting is unknown it is unlikely to actually 
show the Prince of Wales as he didn't visit Brighton until he was twenty one 
and Martha Gunn herself is not thought to have ever left Brighton. The original 
of this painting now hangs in the tea-room of the Royal Pavilion.

To Brighton came he,
Came George III's son.
To be bathed in the sea,
By famed Martha Gunn.

Old English rhyme, author unknown 

Martha Gunn was said to be a favourite of the Prince of Wales 
and had free access to the royal kitchens


George III - but here bathing at Weymouth - helped into the waves by
dippers...and a bit of music, 1789, by John Nixon (1760-1818)

Martha Gunn, 'The Venerable Priestess of the Bath', 
In the background, as the  Morning Herald described her.
A bathing machine is being pulled into the sea by a horse

'Mermaids at Brighton', ca. 1829, drawn by the artist William Heath (1795-1840), 
which shows women sea-bathing from the bathing machines at Brighton. A young woman 
is shown undressing inside one of the bathing machine, while the other ladies, who have already 
changed into their yellow swimming costumes, enjoy themselves in the  water. Two burly 
female bathing attendants or 'dippers' help one nervous lady into the sea. The bathing 
machines were designed to shield the bathers from the gaze of gentlemen who 
might be sitting on the beach or walking along the shore.

This caricature of Martha by the cartoonist Robert Dighton, 1801
the old Brighton Bather

Martha Gunn Prattware English pottery figure in the form of a pipe 
The figure is decorated in the Pratt colour palette, ca. 1810 Staffordshire 

Another version of  Prattware Pottery 'Martha Gunn' Pipe 

Dippers Bathing machines would often be equipped with a small flag 
which could be raised by the bather as a signal to the driver 
that they were ready to return to shore

A young woman is helped into the water by two dippers

George Cruikshank: 'AUGUST -  Bathing at Brighton'. 
For The Comic Almanack for 1836.

Benjamin West (1738–1820):
'The Bathing Place at Ramsgate', 1788

The exit from the bathing machine was shielded by a cloth canopy (modesty hood), 
which was designed to protect the bather from prying eyes

Howard Pyle from 'North Folk Legends of the Sea', 1902


Happy summer holiday wishes!

'House in Bogdanovka' by Kateryna Bilokur, 1955

Happy summer holiday wishes from me to you!
 It is is hot..and all of us need time of relax; 
I'll be away for the next 14 days - and I wish you a happy summer, 
wherever your adventures take you and your family!

 Kateryna Bilokur: 'In the Village', 1956

Hay days...

Old farmer with pitch fork full of hay
Boston Public Library

Boris Kustodiev: 'Haymaking', 1917

From 'The Long Winter' by Laura Ingalls Wilder
illustrated by Garth Williams

'Haying at Mezy' by Berthe Morisot, 1891

 The Last Load of Hay, 1959

Haymaking by Alexey Venetsianov (1780-1847)

Dorothea Sharp: 'A Summer's Day'



They lent her the sweetest, primmest little apron you ever saw
illustration by Anne Anderson

 Cornflowers - otherwise known as Bachelor buttons, 1907

Green grasshopper crawls on wheat blue cornflowers,
Russian postcard, 1907

Children with flowers in hair

Wheat harvest...

'Stien' Eelsingh (1903-1964):
'Time for Coffee'

Vincent van Gogh (1853-90):
'Wheat Sheaves in a Field', 1885

'At the Grain Harvest', after H.G Wolbers (1856-1926)

linkHarvest woodcut

Adrian Paul Allinson (1890-1959):_
'Harvesting', between 1939 and 1946

Vincent van Gogh (1853-90):
'Sheaves of Wheat', 1890

Jean Édouard Vuillard (1868-1940):
'The Haystack', 1907-1908